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My dad grew up fishing Lake Winnebago and had always dreamed of a professional fishing experience. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier in the year, and we were fortunate to get a trip lined up with Max. Max knocked it out of the park! We caught larger walleyes on Winnebago that day than he had in his 69 years, and we went home with memories to share for a lifetime. Thank you Max.


-Andy Bertram


I have been fishing with Max for trophy walleyes for several years. I have NEVER been disappointed. In fact, Max helped me cross a bucket list fish off of my list -a beautiful 30 inch hawg. Max is experienced, personable, and just plain fun to be with. He is a great teacher of techniques that put fish in the boat. I have also recommended him to numerous friends with the same results. His boat is very spacious and clean. You will not be disappointed if you book a trip with Max. You will have the best fishing trip of your life.


-David Nycz


Fishing trip of a lifetime! I've been fishing the Great Lakes for 30 years. My goal for the trip with Max was simple. Get help with many issues that can't be answered by the normal fisherman. Not only did i get 30 years of difficult questions answered, we also caught 101 walleyes in the process. This is now gonna be a yearly outing for me. Gaining knowledge from a top notch professional walleye fisherman is priceless.


-Brian Maloney


"I had the opportunity to fish with Max for trophy walleye's this past year. Max was very helpful in dissecting and understanding the body of water that we were fishing. We had multiple fish over 25" in our outing, including a beautiful 30" walleye. Max has great knowledge, a ton of experience, and is a very personable guide to fish with. His boat is big, spacious, well equipped and provides for a great learning platform for the experienced and inexperienced angler. If you are looking for a good time on the water, book a trip with Max today!"


-John Klinzing


"Max is worth every penny when it comes to finding and catching big walleyes. He has the gear, the boat, and knows the techniques - he has always put me on trophy quality fish. I enjoy his personality and he's always willing to teach me what it takes to catch fish on a particular bite. I've been out with many guides and can say Max is the best."


-Marc Emery


"Max took my 2 sons, daughter and myself ice fishing last week in southern Wisconsin. Within the first 2 hours there where 20+ fish on the ice. My kids actually got tired of chasing flags 2 hours in and where all 3 pulling lines at the same time. He then took the time to teach all of us how to read and understand flashers, live scopes, and graphs. Something we have never used before. He knew which bait to use, where to fish, and how to set up. Max also brought all the needed equipment even though we had our own. We ended the day with over 60 fish caught and a lifetime of memories to take home with us! Great day and highly recommend Max for a guided trip. The man knows his fish"

-Mike Schaper


"Im not sure if you've ever seen Max Wilson fish on TV or in videos on Social Media, but this man brings that same energy into ever fishing trip he goes on. Fishing on Green Bay with Max was not only very educational but more fun than you could imagine. 10/10. Will do it many times again!"


-Tanner Ouellette -Owner of AquaTraction of North Dakota


"Max was second-to-none the best to be able to fish with. His knowledge, and the experience you have with him in the boat is priceless."


-Kade Lynch

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